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Last Updated: 2024-03-22 12:14:40

We have released OmniGibson v1.0.0, with all 1000 pre-sampled tasks, 50 large-scale scenes, and 10000 unique object assets

We presented BEHAVIOR-1K at NVIDIA’s GTC conference

We have released OmniGibson v0.2.1, with improved stability and refined assets

We have released OmniGibson v0.2.0, with more assets: 600 pre-sampled tasks, 7 new scenes, and many new objects

We have released OmniGibson v0.1.0, with significantly improved stability, performance, and ease of installation

We have released OmniGibson v0.0.1, a hyper-realistic simulation platform for accelerating embodied AI research

2022-11We have released robosuite v1.4, which supports the newest DeepMind mujoco bindings

2022-10We hosted a workshop on Benchmarking Embodied AI Solutions in Natural Tasks at ECCV2022

2022-09Our recent paper, BEHAVIOR-1K: A Benchmark for Embodied AI with 1,000 Everyday Activities and Realistic Simulation, was accepted at CoRL2022 [Best Paper Nominee]

2022-06We hosted a workshop on Overlooked Aspects of Imitation Learning: Systems, Data, Tasks, and Beyond at RSS2022

2022-01Our recent paper, OSCAR: Operational Space Control for Adaptive Robustness, was accepted at ICRA2022

2021-10We have released robosuite v1.3, with support for additional renderers and vision modalities

2021-09We have released robomimic v0.1, a framework for robot learning from demonstration

2021-09Our recent paper, What Matters in Learning from Offline Human Demonstrations for Robot Manipulation, was accepted at CoRL2021 [Oral]

2021-09Our recent paper, Error-Aware Imitation Learning from Teleoperation Data for Mobile Manipulation, was accepted at CoRL2021

2021-07Our recent paper, iGibson 1.0: a Simulation Environment for Interactive Tasks in Large Realistic Scenes, was accepted at IROS2021

2021-07We hosted a workshop on End-to-end GPU-accelerated Learning and Control for Robotics with Isaac Gym at RSS2021

2021-03Our recent paper, Learning Multi-Arm Manipulation Through Collaborative Teleoperation, was accepted at ICRA2021 [Best Multi-Robot Systems Paper Finalist]

2021-03We have released robosuite v1.2, with support for sensor and dynamics randomization

2020-12We have released robosuite v1.1, with refactored infrastructure to streamline environment prototyping

2020-09We have released robosuite v1.0, a modular simulation framework and benchmark for robot learning